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11 oz Candles

A medium-sized delight, offering a balance between elegance and functionality.

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30 oz Candles

Ideal for larger spaces, these candles combine a wonderful fragrance with a sleek, luxurious appearance, making them a perfect enhancement for any decor.

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12 oz Candles

The 12 oz oval candle offers a generous size, providing an extended burn time. Its oval shape adds a touch of uniqueness.

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Cloud Nine Scented Candles

About us

  • Who We Are

    Cloud Nine Candles blossomed from my passion for both candles and accessible elegance. Our candles stand out for their uniqueness and luxury. Crafted with soothing coconut soy wax and comforting wooden wicks, our candles illuminate a sense of tranquility when they're lit.

  • Our Mission

    We are committed to delivering individuality; our handcrafted concrete jars guarantee that each candle you purchase from us is truly one-of-a-kind. Our jars are designed to be reusable, making them perfect for repurposing as planters.

  • One of a Kind

    Our candles are handmade so each one of our containers is unique.

    Ornament Candles 
  • Wood WIcks

    Each container candle features a wooden wick which enhances your relaxation with the soothing sound reminiscent of a crackling wood fire.

    2- Wick Candle 
  • Reusable

    We offer many different sizes and shapes to allow you to reuse for your favorite plants.

    Single wick Candle 

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